Kol Shalom Reflects the World in Its Design

Kol Shalom pic

Kol Shalom
Image: kolshalom.com

Rabbi Jonathan Z. Maltzman has served in Conservative congregations in Japan, Iowa, and currently in Rockville, Maryland, where he is the spiritual leader of Kol Shalom. As a rabbi, Jonathan Z. Maltzman provides leadership for the congregation, supervises staff members, and provides counseling and teaching. Jonathan Maltzman played an instrumental role in raising the necessary funds for Kol Shalom’s new building in Rockville.

Designed by Shinberg Levinas Architects, Kol Shalom was awarded Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by the United States Green Building Council. The architects designed the building with several key environmental components in place. In addition to having a geothermal well system, Kol Shalom was designed to conserve water and efficiently use energy.

While the design of the building is sensitive to the environment, the structure includes visual components that successfully reflect nature. The careful placement of windows brings the outside in, incorporating a thoughtful use of light, texture, and colors. The inspirational design also includes several decorative panels that suggest Jewish holidays connected to nature.