About Rabbi Jonathan Z. Maltzman

Jonathan Z. MaltzmanEarning his masters of divinity and ordination as a rabbi in 1980, Jonathan Z. Maltzman began his service in Tokyo, Japan. There, he was the sole civilian rabbi in the country and, acting as an informal bridge between the local Jewish presence, the Israeli embassy and surrounding communities, he was responsible for delivering lectures and presentations regarding Jewish history and culture to a number of Japanese groups. Additionally, Rabbi Jonathan Z. Maltzman managed kosher certification for factories exporting food to the United States. He had the singular honor of leading a Passover Seder for the brother of the Emperor of Japan and visited several Japanese Christian Zionist groups who have close attachments to the State of Israel.

In 1983, Jonathan Z. Maltzman moved back to the United States to serve as rabbi at the Tifereth Israel Synagogue in Des Moines. He served as the spiritual leader to the largest Jewish congregation in the State of Iowa and represented the Jewish community to the secular world. During his tenure, he regularly appeared on a radio show discussing religious topics alongside a priest and a minister. Further, Jonathan Z. Maltzman played a prominent role in a court case opposing the installation of religious symbols in the state Capitol. The case was eventually argued before the Supreme Court.

Since 2002, Jonathan Z. Maltzman has served as spiritual and community leader of Kol Shalom, a Conservative congregation in Rockville, Maryland. There, he has dramatically expanded the congregation and forged strong bonds with Israel, leading trips to Israel and promoting the buying Israel bonds by his members.