Underrated Destinations in South America That Are worth Visiting


Canoa, Ecuador pic

Canoa, Ecuador
Image: ecuadorbeaches.org

A Maryland-based rabbi, Jonathan Z. Maltzman provides leadership to the Conservative synagogue Kol Shalom in Maryland. Outside of his work with the synagogue, Rabbi Jonathan Maltzman enjoys traveling the world, including South America.

Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are some of South America’s most popular destinations, but tourists willing to explore can find plenty of underrated spots dotted around the continent. Some of South America’s most overlooked destinations include:

Canoa, Ecuador. Visitors who want to avoid the complete party atmosphere of Montanita can find peace in Canoa. This destination is suitable for those who want to spend some time surfing or lounging on the uncrowded beach.

Montevideo, Uruguay. Despite being the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is often overshadowed by South America’s more popular destinations. Featuring numerous historic buildings, art deco and art nouveau architecture, and 14 miles of beaches, the city provides visitors with a wide range of activities.

El Bolsón, Argentina. Located roughly four hours away from Patagonia’s Lake District, El Bolsón gives travelers the opportunity to relax and connect with nature. There are numerous opportunities for horseback riding, biking, rafting, and hiking around the small village.

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